legal aspects
Property of Web pages and contents

This website and all its contents are sole property of NIF: 10.596.206-Z and
tax domicile: c/Domínguez Gil, 2 - 2 B - 33201 GIJÓN - Asturias, Spain.

All content featured in these pages (be it text, illustrations or images) is sole property of the author and/or his licensees, and as such are protected by the Spanish Intellectual Property Act of April 1/1996.
Use of the images

1.  The licence of these images covers their editorial use only. Their use for any other purposes must be previously authorized by Antonio Vázquez Argüelles.

2. In all instances, the customer must clearly specify the purpose and intended editorial use of each image before its purchase.

3. Once the images have been paid for, the rights of use are given only once and on a non-exclusive basis, unless otherwise expressly agreed in written form previous to the purchase.

4. The payment for these rights will under no circumstances allow for the subsequent modification of the images (be it analogue, digital or any other kind), or any use other than purely editorial. Therefore, the images may not be used for any advertisement, promotional, commercial or any other purpose unless by previous agreement.

5. The images may not be shared with other companies or groups associated with the customer. That is to say, they may only be used by the customer themselves and the company registered for this specific purpose, if applicable. The images may not be used in more than one publication (including the same publication in more than one language), and the customer may not hand over, sell or distribute them in any place or media other than the one agreed to, be it totally or partially.

6. The images may not be published in any media featuring pornographic, slanderous, fraudulent or libellous content, or indeed any content that could harm any third parties and/or their integrity and privacy.

7. The photographer’s name and that of the commercial archive (Antonio Vázquez) must be shown next to each image, or in whatever space is reserved for this purpose.

Unauthorized use

1.  The use of any images other than the ones agreed to as per on the invoice would be equal to a breach of the intellectual property rights that protect the work of Antonio Vázquez Argüelles and his licensees, thus enabling Antonio Vázquez Argüelles to take any legal action that may be deemed appropriate.

2. In such event, this AGREEMENT and everything herewith stated shall be construed in accordance to Spanish law, excluding to this effect any regulations with regard to international civil law that may exist in other countries belonging to the EC.

3. Both parties will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Gijón, Asturias, Spain. The customer will, from the moment he has purchased the image, agree to use it under no conditions whatsoever other than the ones stated above.

4. The client herewith agrees to having understood that Antonio Vázquez Argüelles can under no circumstances guarantee to having the necessary authorizations to publish the images, whether they be related to persons (models or otherwise), artworks, registered brands, designs or preserved species or spaces appearing on his website or any of its images, and can therefore not be held responsible for any potential rights of the individuals, proprietors, entities or Governments that could suffer damage as a result of their publication. In any event, the client must request said authorizations in advance and may not publish any of the images until they have been given written authorization to this effect by Antonio Vázquez Argüelles.

5. In any event, should ever mistakenly publish any image (of whatever type) for which no authorization has been given, the company will only assume the responsibility of fully returning its invoiced value.


1.  Should any of the images for which reproduction rights have been granted not be published within 30 days of its purchase, Antonio Vázquez Argüelles agrees to refund the full amount invoiced, in which case the customer must also destroy any paperwork related to the purchase.

2. Cancellations will not, under any circumstances, cover the return of admin, bureaucratic or delivery-related expenses that might have been incurred, which will remain the customer’s responsibility.

3. After 30 days, the amount will be treated as invoiced and collected, and no cancellations will be accepted.