Antonio Vázquez Argüelles (born in Sama de Langreo, Asturias, Spain, 1959) began his professional career in 1993, with the inclusion of his first feature in Natura magazine. Since then, his photographs have regularly appeared in Spanish publications such as National Geographic, Geo, Altair and Viajes de National Geographic, as well as others across Europe, such as Wildlife BBC (where he remains one of very few Spanish photographers to have ever contributed a full feature).

This experience served as a springboard to the next level of his career, as Antonio went on to dedicate almost an entire decade to taking photos for UNESCO's World Heritage, up until the magazine's closure in 2005.

Antonio has received numerous awards for his work, both regionally and nation-wide in Spain. Since 1995, however, he has ceased to participate in any competitions, instead being invited to collaborate as a member of the jury on many of these events.

His exhibitions “Widlife on the Brink of Extinction” (displayed in Asturias, Madrid and La Coruña) and “Orchids of Spain” (displayed in the Feria de Muestras in Gijón) were a resounding success, both in terms of attendance and press coverage.

In 2004, he (together with Tomás Emilio Díaz) had the honour of receiving the prestigious “Alfredo Quirós Fernández” award on the event's VIII edition, thanks to his work “A Guide to the Forests of Asturias”.

In 2005, he was approached by Nikon to host the first ever symposium on the subject of Digital Photography in Spain. This marked the beginning of his collaboration with this top industry brand, which still continues to this day.

In 2006, he received the “Serrano del año” award at the Sierra de Baza Project Association, which acknowledged the importance of his work in promoting nature photography across the most prestigious magazines in Spain and worldwide.

Antonio is also responsible for all photography works in the following published works:

» A Guide to Somiedo Natural Park (Ediciones Trea), 1994
» Wildlife of Asturias (Ediciones Trea), 1995 (author of the text)
» Maldaes de Llobos, (Ediciones Trabe), 1996
» Natural Spaces and Monuments of Asturias (Ediciones Trea), 1997
» National Parks of Panama (Ediciones Balboa), 1998
» The Principality of Asturias – Wildlife and Flora sections (Ediciones Nobel), 1998
» A Tourism Guide to Spain and Portugal (Diario ABC - Ediciones Nobel), 1999
» Peaks of Europe, A National Park (Lunwerg Editores), 1999
» A Guide to Redes Natural Park (Ediciones Trea), 1999
» A Guide to Panama's National Parks (Ediciones Balboa), 2000
» Nature in Cantabria – Wildlife and Flora sections (Ediciones San Marcos), 2001
» Cuzco, the Inca Capital – UNESCO's World Heritage Guides, 2001
» Ceuta and Melilla (Ediciones San Marcos), 2001
» National Parks of Ceuta and Melilla (Ediciones San Marcos), 2001
» A Guide to Costa Rica's National Parks (Incafo, Costa Rica), 2002
» Estuaries of Galicia (Ediciones San Marcos), 2002
» Doñana, A Bird's Paradise – UNESCO's World Heritage Guides, 2002
» Iguazú, A Waterfall Jungle– UNESCO's World Heritage Guides, 2002
» Vegetal Landscapes in North-West Iberia (Ediciones Trea), 2002
» Natural Spaces of Galicia (Ediciones Nigratrea), 2004
» Somiedo, of Summits and Life Itself (Ediciones Nobel), 2004 (author of the text)
» A Guide to the Forests of Asturias (Ediciones Trea), 2004 (author of the text)
» The Fox, and the passion for its hunt (Carbrane-98), 2004
» Peaks of Europe National Park (Ediciones Nobel), 2005 (author of the text)
» Biosphere Reserves of Asturias (Ediciones Trea), 2005
» Walking Routes of Asturias I y II (Ediciones Nobel - La Nueva España), 2005-2006
» Wildlife and Flora of Asturias – Image Book (Ediciones Nobel - La Nueva España), 2006
» Redes Natural Park (Ediciones Nobel), 2006 – Author of the text
» Wildlife and Flora of Galicia– Image Book (Ediciones Nobel), 2006
» The Red Book of Wildlife in Asturias, 2007
» The Parliament of Andalusia (Ediciones Nobel), 2007
» Asturias, Land of the Sea (Ediciones Nobel), 2007 - Author of the text
» A Guide to the Botanical Jewels of Asturias (Ediciones Trea), 2009
» A Guide to the Wildlife of Asturias (Ediciones Trea), 2010 (author of the text)
» Rivers of Asturias, Beds of Life (Cajastur), 2010 (author and co-ordinator of the work)
» Nature of Asturias (Ediciones Nobel - La Nueva España), 2011

He has also collaborated in other books and publications of note, such as:

» Management Plan for the Natural Resources of Asturias, (PORNA), 1994)
» The Mediterranean: Forest of Forests (Cana de Horrors del Mediterranean), 1996
» Carnivore Mammals of Iberia (Javier Rodríguez Pinero), 1996
» Protected Natural Parks and Spaces of Spain (Ediciones Salvat), 1997
» A Guide to Nature Spaces in Asturias (Ediciones Trea), 1997
» Spain in Springtime (Ediciones Undo Natura), 1998
» Panama Canal (UNESCO), 1999
» Discovering Spain (National Geographic - RBA), 2000
» Panama, World Heritage (Ediciones Balboa), 2000
» The Power plant of Cangas del Narcea (Unión FENOSA), 2000
» Costa Rica (Incafo, Costa Rica), 2001
» Routes for Nature Photography (Azor Panoramix), 2001
» Nature in Spain (José M. Reyero - Ministerio de Medio Ambiente), 2002
» Annotation of the hunt of the Pyrenean goat mountain (Carbrane-98), 2002
» UNESCO World Heritage Encyclopaedia (Planeta Ediciones), 2003
» Nature in Catalonia (Ediciones San Marcos), 2003
» Doñana (Editorial Everest), 2003
» Getting to know Spain (National Geographic - RBA), 2005
» The Cantabrian Chamois – the preservation and management of its population (F. Javier Pérez & Borja Palacios Editores), 2009